In the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery, I believe understanding individual needs, experience and artistry are the keys to success.

Achieving the best results possible for my patients in a caring, friendly and professional environment is my top priority. My expertise lies in using safe modern techniques followed by rapid recovery. Pivotal to my approach is creating natural-looking results that are aesthetically pleasing with minimal scarring in each individual case.

Approach to patients

Mr. Aly is refreshingly honest with his patients, He’s there to leave you as happy and confident as possible – not to sell you unattainable results or procedures you do not require. He understands that by the time you have your consultation, you have already spent hours researching your desired procedure, but still have questions and want your surgeon’s expert guidance on the best procedure for you. Mr. Aly treats you as an intelligent and informed adult, whilst giving you the personal service, attention and respect that you deserve.

Mr. Aly couples his outstanding professional credentials and ethics with a personalized approach to patient care, and has a keen eye for aesthetic beauty. His talented work is performed according to his philosophy as a plastic surgeon, and he holds the patient’s concerns, goals and ambitions in the highest regard.

Each procedure is preceded by comprehensive consultations, where Mr. Aly and the patient forge a shared vision for the results they want to achieve. Oftentimes, patients are pleasantly surprised as Mr. Aly helps them thoroughly understand the procedures that will enhance their natural beauty and rejuvenate their appearance.

NHS Practice

Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (Central Manchester NHS Trust), Manchester, UK
Manchester Royal Infirmary (Central Manchester NHS Trust), Manchester, UK
Wythenshawe Hospital (University Hospital South Manchester NHS Trust), Manchester, UK